Are there entrance ramps and gates?

The entrance of The Factory is accessible and includes a ramp on the right side of the front of the building. All access gates inside The Factory are wheelchair accessible.

Where can I park & drop off?

There are a number of accessible parking spots are available for guests with permits in front of the building.

Are there accessible washrooms?

We have two universal washrooms available at the front entrance. Six additional accessible restrooms are located inside The Factory.

Are the restaurant and food locations accessible?

The restaurant was designed to provide comfortable seating for all guests. There are wheelchair accessible tables to enjoy our food and drinks.

What about guests with vision or hearing impairment?

Due to safety concerns, guests with vision loss should have a support worker to help guide them on the high ropes course, ropes lookout, trampoline, and indoor playground. Guests with hearing impairment can participate in all attractions at The Factory, however, we don’t have TTY devices to assist. Our staff are happy to assist.

I have a wheelchair. Is The Factory wheelchair accessible?

The facility is wheelchair accessible with a ramped entrance, elevators, universal washrooms, and accessible food area. The ropes course, trampoline park, and ropes look-out generally require full mobility. Attractions like virtual reality, escape rooms, and arcade can be enjoyed in a wheelchair. The kids’ indoor playground is wheelchair accessible but requires full mobility to participate in the climbing area.

Can I bring a service animal?

Service animals are welcome but won’t be allowed on the ropes and trampoline area.

I am a support worker. Is there a cost for me?

Support workers are free to access and participate at The Factory. Please visit the front desk with ID to get your admission sticker free of charge.

Can I participate with prosthetics?

We will consider on a case by case basis.

Can I participate with a cast or a brace?

Exposed metal braces risk to yourself and others on the trampolines. Generally, we will not allow casts on trampolines, ropes, and in the indoor playground, but we will consider access on a case by case basis.

I have photosensitivity. Will this affect me?

The trampoline area and virtual reality may impact guests with photo-sensitivities. Please be aware before booking these attractions.

What if I need medical help during my visit?

We offer Mosaic Medical, our emergency medical partner in the building during operating hours to assist with any medical issues that may occur at The Factory. Mosaic Medical is located right inside 100 Kellogg next to The Factory. Their medical staff are trained to the level of paramedics and nurses, specializing in athletic and emergency care. Their knowledge, skills and physician oversight mean they are able to perform any required medical acts in an instant, providing the highest level of care available for the Factory’s guests.