The 100!

Introducing the 100 finalist for Art Comp 2024

Alex Bray | Pink Moonlight

Alexander Hernandez | Standing On An Empty Promise

Alexandra Hutan | Not Enough

Alexandra Gronfors | Colours of Courage

Ally Smith | But They Were Always So Nice

Amanda Yeung | Walking Tree

Andrew Di Cecco | Ready for Life in Colour

Andrew Wang | Be Like Water (2024)

Antonio Afable| BRUCE the obedient dog

Ashley Horenberg | Table For One Please

Athen Kane | A Message To Live

Braedan Lee | Eternal Embrace

Brianna Gray | Whisky in the Snow

Carlos Fentanes | Self Isolation or the Unsung Story of How Dreams Unconsciously Interfered with my Daily Life

Carolyn Dover | "The Hill"(Afternoon Cherry Ave.)

Cesar C. Cordoba | Owl Leaf

Charlene Tulloch | Another Night Sky

Chloe Chlumecky | Flower Picking

Chris Allaway | Pelican Parade

Christine Johnson | The Grey One

Christine Van Deven | “Medley of Senses” ~Women’s Voices Festival 2002

Christopher Oliver | Pole Dance

Claire Daly | The Fisherman

Corinne Craik | Froggy went a courtin'

Cory Dawe | Embrace The Chaos

Courtney Walda | Stand Back

Dan Pietens | The Great One

Darlene Hartung | The Book Ring

Dave Todaro | Shadows

David Crisante | Calm at Peggy's Cove

Dean Archer | Lonely Popcorn Vendor

Debra Rogers | I'm Never Leaving

Denise Collins | Feed Me - An Eastern King Bird

Diego Tamayo | Strong

Donna Colbourn | Pride

Ed Roach | Heeling

Eduardo Santos | El Señor Sol

Elizabeth Downey | The Things She Carries

Emily Valentine Hutton | Cherry Jubilee

EmilyJacques-Hawco | Panic Attack

Emmanuel Chukwu | I know

Fiona Debell | Now or Never

Gene Lopos | Moraine Lake

Heather Lockhart of Quench Studio | Autumn Blaze

Helen Hossack Driediger | Recovery

Ian Gray | Last Swim of the Day

Jacqueline Miller | Breathless Moments

Janine Minor | Humble Beginnings

Jay Anderson | The Elora Gorge

Jennifer Awad | EUPHORIA

Jennifer Cole | Fleeting Gaze #1

Jennifer Raetsen | Monet's Bridge

Jennifer Barfett-Lloyd | Kayak Dreams

John Sherbourne | Hey Jude

Josslyn Hagen | Purple

Juwels LeGardi | Adorable

Karina Viovy | TIME

Kat Ignacio | Lavender Haze

Kate Cummins | Tabulation

Katelin Clegg | Stolen

Kathy Hannula Tomanec | Apron Strings

Kelly McNeil | A Show of Strength

Kristyn Watterworth | Why is Ken so Cocky?

Krystal Ball | Rooted

Kyle Van Alstyne | Reliving old memories

Layne van Loo | Ambiance

Leisa Rich | Kaleidoscope: Surrounding Swarm

Liam Kuchta | Tibetan Boy

Liliane Avalos | Tropical Sacred Heart

Lindsay Liboiron | Through Doilie's Eyes; A Portrait of a Newfoundland Soul

Luke Erb | Tristan

Marc Bauer-Maison | Flying Geese

Marica Villeneuve | Golden Flames

Marta Stares | On Gentle Ground

Matina Kyrou | Prescription

Megan Hope | Papa

Megan Ward | Promises

Mercedes Victoria | Watch Me How I Go

Murray Tucker | Moulin Huet Valley View

Nadra Chapman | Conformance

Natalie Viecili | Gather III

Norman Busse | Traumerei

Pablo Gonzalez | Roots

Paul Lambert | Time Out

Phyllis Rohrbacher | Into the Woods

Ruairí Beattie | The Stardust Crew

Ryan Chedore | Sting Like A Bee

Saskia Widdison | Grace

Shane Joines | John Coltrane vs. Shiva the Destroyer

Snake-N-Boltz | Art Punks

Stella Jurgen | Consumed


Steven Oliver | Dad

Susan Laking | Star Fish

Sylvia Casbourn | The Far Side

Tania Kazi | Hope at Dawn

Taryn Henry | To Rest

Taylor Arruda | Hot Sugar

Timothy Story | Bull Moose

Umer Kazi | Confluence of Elements

Upcoming Key Dates

May 23rd, 2024 - Art Comp Kicks Off with ART BATTLE

May 23rd, 2024 - Voting Begins <----- VOTE NOW!

September 1st, 2024 - Voting Closes

September 5th, 2024 - Art Comp Closing Ceremonies

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