Abbygale Shelley – Hidden

Ada Mier – Faded

Adrianna Blancher – Apple Picking in A Moss-Covered Orchard

Alexander Hernandez – Rabbit Fighter

Amber O’Callaghan – Something isn’t beautiful because it lasts

Annette Sullivan and Angela Found – “Dear John, Eh?”

Angelica Candido – Beginning of Distortion, 2020

Anita Wood – Peony Passion

Ann Clifford – FRIENDS

Anna Wilson – Home, Maybe

Anthony Welch – White Bird

Austin McEown – Road to Remission

B. D. Colen – I Love You

Benjamin Tran – Breathwork

Bijan Ghalehpardaz – Serenity

Bronwyn Wilson – The Meet Market

Carolyn Bagnall – The Hen House

Cheri Robinson – ClubHouse Sage

Christina Vogiatzis – Show Me Joy

Christine Johnson – The Stag

D’ARCY Balfour – Boy

Darlene Pratt – Same Difference  

Denise Donais – Wetland’s Welcome

Dinesh Subramanian – Rainy Day

Donna Colbourn – Vegas, baby!

Dorothy Kroll  – CHEEKY DOT

Elaine Guitar – Day at the Park

Emily Botelho – Rhône

Emily Copeland – Bowling Ball

Esther Doyeon Kim – Home Is Where The Family Is

Femi Ikotun – Rapist  

Frank Davila – Repose

Gary Krakower – A Fairy Tale Adventure

Genie Kim  – Mother Tree – Cardinals

Grace Murray – Lover’s Dose

Gregory A McCullough – Neck n Neck

Irzahl – Vacancy

Jamie Jardine – Purple and Yellow

Jaroslav Vrabec – Surprised Encounter Under water

Jason Lucio – Majesty and Dominance – Bald Eagle

Jason Palleck – Djuka

Jason Recker – Keith 1970

Jessica Thomson – Spiritual Captivity

Joon Hee Kim  – Something Divine

Judy Duggan-McCormack – Millie

Julia Swift – The Octopus II

Karim Machado-Aman – Dissonance

Karina Viovy – Words from the Heart

Kerri Stevenson – Just Beachy

Kim Hitchman – Fluorescent Blue

Kim Wilkie – Metatron

Kyra Woudsma – Cocoon

Laura Woermke – Hug

Leslie Putnam – the river and the falls

Liam Kuchta – Girl

Lindsay-Ann Chilcott – You Are What You Eat

Loredana Blandisi – Manifested Nostalgia

Lorrie Robertson – Life Lived

Lynda Moffatt – The Power Couple!

Lynden Cowan – Tobermory

Marijo Swick – Apocalypse  

Mark Elms – Don’t grow up too quickly

Marko Grgic – Hold On

Marla Botterill – 7th

Megan Hope – Golden Hour

Mercedes Victoria – The Silence

Michael Durham – Havana belle

Micheal Yates – Pier Pressure

Mike Barry – PS, I love you

Monique Wiendels – Back to Plan B

Nadra Chapman – Winnie (in Quarantine)

Natalie Viecili – Marina

Nathan Cole – Bhuria

Nicholas Colen – The Outsider

Nimea Ariana – Her Flowers, 2020

Norman Busse – Banquet

Paige Dawdy – Layers of Healing

Patrick Richardson – Escaping the Heat

Patti Colen – Pushkar

Polly Stringle – Rousseau’s Orange: Blasphemy, Humour or Both

Rebecca Hu – Flight Reflections

Ryan Pierce – Sunflower Sunset

Sarah Inwood – Day’s End

Sebastian Evans – Pizza Box Towers

Sheri Cowan – Funnel Cake, Sunfest

Snake-N-Boltz – Detroit Love Hangover

Stacey Landfield – The Fake Child

Stephen Gibb – Essence of Hope and Despair

Stephen Matthews – Flam Punk

Steve Wilson – Crypto, what’s it worth?

Tabitha Verbuyst – The Wait is Almost Over

Teodorico “Teody” Asuncion – Synchronized Thirst

Thomas Duncan – Law of Rhythm

Tina Rae – Memories of Days Long Ago

Tory Taylor – Fortune in the burrows

Vicki McFarland – Stories of my Youth – Volume #12

Victoria Booy – Joy

Whitney Archer – Breaking Through The Mold.

Wilma Mehl – Into The Blue

Zoey Zoric – CS Jan 8,2022