Art Comp 2023 Winners

We are thrilled to announce the winners of ART COMP 2023, and extend our heartfelt congratulations to all 100 artists who contributed their remarkable talent to this exhibition.

Panel’s Choice:
Winner - $100,000 Wilma Mehl
People’s Choice:
1st place - $50,000 Emily Botelho
2nd place - $30,000 Lorrie Robertson
3rd place - $20,000 Stephen Gibb

This year's winners (from left to right) in the group photo:

The People's Choice: 3rd - Stephen Gibb, 2nd - Lorrie Robertson, 1st - Emily Botelho

The Panel's Choice: 1st - Wilma Mehl

*Photo Credit: Trevor Paterson

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Among the outstanding entries, we would like to recognize the following artists who have been chosen as the top 10 in each category:

People’s Choice Top 10:

  • Kyra Woudsma
  • Anna Wilson
  • Lorrie Robertson
  • Cheri Robinson
  • Teodorico Asuncion
  • Stacey Landfield
  • Liam Kuchta
  • Stephen Gibb
  • Jason Recker
  • Emily Botelho

Panel’s Choice Top 10:

  • Alexander Hernandez
  • Angelica Candido
  • Kyra Woudsma
  • Wilma Mehl
  • Lorrie Robertson
  • Karina Viovy
  • Stacey Landfield
  • Denise Donais
  • Whitney Archer
  • Marijo Swick
  • Micheal Yates

Congratulations to all!

Submissions will re-open in January 2024. Please email events@100kellogglane.com for more information.

Art Comp 2023 Finalists

View the 2023 finalists by using the link below.

Art Comp Finalists