Art Comp 2023

The ART COMP exhibition is open to the public to vote and view from May 28th to September 3rd, 2023.

Days & Times: Daily 10 AM - 8 PM
Location: Use the Atrium entrance (closest to Dundas Street.)
Level 1 (please purchase a program for the map of the 100 art pieces.)

ART COMP programs are available for purchase in the vending machine located in Atrium. The program entails the 100 art pieces, descriptions, the QR code for voting, and coupon offers.

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Abbygale Shelley – Hidden 

Ada Mier – Faded 

Adrianna Blancher – Apple Picking in A Moss-Covered Orchard 

Alexander Hernandez – Rabbit Fighter

Amber O’Callaghan – Something isn’t beautiful because it lasts

Annette Sullivan and Angela Found – “Dear John, Eh?”

Angelica Candido – Beginning of Distortion, 2020 

Anita Wood – Peony Passion 

Ann Clifford – FRIENDS 

Anna Wilson – Home, Maybe

Anthony Welch – White Bird 

Austin McEown – Road to Remission 

B. D. Colen – I Love You

Benjamin Tran – Breathwork 

Bijan Ghalehpardaz – Serenity 

Bronwyn Wilson – The Meet Market

Carolyn Bagnall – The Hen House 

 Cheri Robinson – ClubHouse Sage

Christina Vogiatzis – Show Me Joy

Christine Johnson – The Stag

D’ARCY Balfour – Boy

Darlene Pratt – Same Difference  

Denise Donais – Wetland’s Welcome

Dinesh Subramanian – Rainy Day

Donna Colbourn – Vegas, baby!

Dorothy Kroll  – CHEEKY DOT

Elaine Guitar – Day at the Park 

Emily Botelho – Rhône 

Emily Copeland – Bowling Ball

Esther Doyeon Kim – Home Is Where The Family Is

Femi Ikotun – Rapist  

Frank Davila – Repose

Gary Krakower – A Fairy Tale Adventure 

Genie Kim  – Mother Tree – Cardinals

Grace Murray – Lover’s Dose

Gregory A McCullough – Neck n Neck 

Irzahl – Vacancy 

Jamie Jardine – Purple and Yellow

Jaroslav Vrabec – Surprised Encounter Under water

Jason Lucio – Majesty and Dominance – Bald Eagle

Jason Palleck – Djuka

Jason Recker – Keith 1970 

Jessica Thomson – Spiritual Captivity

Joon Hee Kim  – Something Divine

Judy Duggan-McCormack – Millie

Julia Swift – The Octopus II

Karim Machado-Aman – Dissonance 

Karina Viovy – Words from the Heart

Kerri Stevenson – Just Beachy

Kim Hitchman – Fluorescent Blue

Kim Wilkie – Metatron

Kyra Woudsma – Cocoon

Laura Woermke – Hug

Leslie Putnam – the river and the falls 

Liam Kuchta – Girl

Lindsay-Ann Chilcott – You Are What You Eat

Loredana Blandisi – Manifested Nostalgia

Lorrie Robertson – Life Lived

Lynda Moffatt – The Power Couple!

Lynden Cowan – Tobermory

Marijo Swick – Apocalypse  

Mark Elms – Don’t grow up too quickly 

Marko Grgic – Hold On

Marla Botterill – 7th 

Megan Hope – Golden Hour

Mercedes Victoria – The Silence

Michael Durham – Havana belle

Micheal Yates – Pier Pressure

Mike Barry – PS, I love you 

Monique Wiendels – Back to Plan B

Nadra Chapman – Winnie (in Quarantine) 

Natalie Viecili – Marina 

Nathan Cole – Bhuria 

Nicholas Colen – The Outsider

Nimea Ariana – Her Flowers, 2020 

Norman Busse – Banquet 

Paige Dawdy – Layers of Healing

Patrick Richardson – Escaping the Heat 

Patti Colen – Pushkar

Polly Stringle – Rousseau’s Orange: Blasphemy, Humour or Both

Rebecca Hu – Flight Reflections

Ryan Pierce – Sunflower Sunset

Sarah Inwood – Day’s End

Sebastian Evans – Pizza Box Towers

Sheri Cowan – Funnel Cake, Sunfest 

Snake-N-Boltz – Detroit Love Hangover

Stacey Landfield – The Fake Child

Stephen Gibb – Essence of Hope and Despair 

Stephen Matthews – Flam Punk

Steve Wilson – Crypto, what’s it worth?

Tabitha Verbuyst – The Wait is Almost Over

Teodorico “Teody” Asuncion – Synchronized Thirst 

Thomas Duncan – Law of Rhythm

Tina Rae – Memories of Days Long Ago

Tory Taylor – Fortune in the burrows 

Vicki McFarland – Stories of my Youth – Volume #12

Victoria Booy – Joy

Whitney Archer – Breaking Through The Mold.

Wilma Mehl – Into The Blue

Zoey Zoric – CS Jan 8,2022